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Went on a little run this morning. Will make a better post about it later.

The inaugural Avengers half marathon medal!

The inaugural Avengers half marathon medal!


I have three full days until I leave for my next half marathon! I’m totally not ready distance-wise. My running partner has been killing it with getting miles in. Go Jim! It is totally alright for him to leave me in his dust. I know I should have gone for a run last night, but after a massage I was just too not into doing anything. Work tonight, so I’ll have to go for a run tomorrow night. I guess I should pack extra running clothes to go for a run before the actual RUN.

But what I’m most excited about is getting to go to Disneyland! A little nervous going through such a major airport. I know, I’ll be just fine.

Lawn mowed and one quick mile on a hot, sticky day

Lawn mowed and one quick mile on a hot, sticky day

7 mile run - 8/18/14

Surprisingly, it did not feel this warm.

I tried to keep it slow in order to make it through the distance. My times were pretty good considering I took a few (several) walking breaks.

Silly me, I kinda want to go out for another run tonight. Too bad I have to work.

Mudman, flinging arrows and a family get together/fish fry (not pictured). Twas a great weekend!

I’ll be happy if I never have to climb over another wall again….or maybe this year.

I’m not impressed with adulting right now. Why do you have to be so difficult?


Thank you to those who gave suggestions for a GPS watch the other day.

I think I found one I want to get Randy. However, last night I was told by a mutual friend that he wanted a Soleus because they are less $$. 

WHAT?!? Why??? 

I mean I get that it’s more affordable, and he probably doesn’t need all of the features a nicer watch would have. But it’s so cheap and looks like crap.

I guess it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that some people just want something simple to see their current run info. He had liked the idea of the virtual run partner (something to race against because he likes to run with people to push himself) but those watches don’t really have that option. 

I guess I’ll try to bring the subject up this weekend and we’ll look at options.

But thanks again for your suggestions.

TBT - My first Half marathon - Disney World Half Marathon 2009.

I post of this because I have a half marathon the end of this month and it will be my first time in DISNEYLAND! I can then say I’ve been able to run around both Disney World and Disneyland.

It seems to be the year of Disney races for me since I ran the Glass Slipper challenge (10k and half marathon) in February receiving three medals (10k, half, and one for completing the challenge). With the 10k I doubled my Disney medals. The next day I received two more medals (half and glass slipper), thus doubling my Disney medals again. And in August I will earn another two medals, one for the half marathon and another for the Coast-to-Coast challenge. That will bring my total for the year to 5 Disney medals and 6 in all. All from just 3 Disney race weekends.

It’s funny, I called Randy a medal whore because he was complaining about just getting a headband for the Tough Mudder and no medal. Then I went and actually placed in a race and a friend of ours asked if I got bit by Randy’s medal whore tendencies. I think I already had them before I met him. I really need a medal rack.

And this one race started it all. Sure, I didn’t run for a long time after this first half marathon. In fact, my next race wasn’t until October 2010. Over a year and a half after this first race. But because I was able to barely do any type of training for that first half and be able to finish in a somewhat decent time (considering I really didn’t train), I knew I could do more, and better. I was able to go on and sign up for a whole series of races in one year (yes I downgraded from the Duathlon to the 5k because I didn’t have a bike, and wasn’t really into the idea of having to get one) and ran two half marathons in one calendar year. That was pretty impressive for me since my trend was to quit running for a while after a big race. I was able to stick with it that entire year.

Last year I didn’t really do many races. This year, like I said, was the year of the Disney races AND mud runs. Who knows what next year will bring. My mind is on shorter races.