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Kabetogama! This is my favorite place to vacation. It’s quiet and relaxing.

So after Tough Mudder we ran home, showered, packed everything up and drove up to my parent’s house about 30 min away. Transferred our vacation stuff over to my dad’s car then made a quick trip over to a family friend’s house to visit a friend that was in town. Tried to make as short a stop as possible, but that’s impossible. Finally we left, picked up the dog, stopped and picked up some beer for vacation and were on our way. I think we left a little after 5pm and made it to Kabetogama around 9:30pm. Always the best time to leave is afternoon or early evening because there was virtually no traffic!

Sunday ended up being a pretty hot day. We went out fishing late morning for a couple hours (the first two pictures) but the bugs were so bad and it was super hot. There were so many Mayflies the lake looked fuzzy, so we were getting no bites because the walleyes had a nice little buffet. After we got in we all took little naps. I was so uncomfortable when I woke up I decided I need to go jump in the lake. Yes, it was hot and humid, but that water was still super effin’ cold. Definitely helped to cool us all down.

Monday was another hot day. We decided we didn’t want to roast sitting in the boat trying to fish. The lake was like glass. Late morning we went for a cruise to cool us all off. What a beautiful ride that was. Clear skies, nice smooth ride, perfect breeze from the boat ride, then we stopped at another resort and had a little picnic right next to the lake, and close to the rock that my mom’s family would always take a family photo on when she was younger. After lunch we headed back to the resort and sat in the lake. We brought Gizmo down and made her go for a little swim too. The water was still cold, I was actually shivering while I sat submerged. Then we literally sat in the lake, in those plastic adirondack chairs. Other people at the resort liked our use of the chairs in the water. After a little time in the lake we went out for ice cream and I needed a new reel because mine broke. So we went to Bait n Bite and a quick trip to Gateway (the gas station/store a few miles down the road from the resort).

Tuesday was much cooler and windier. Early Tuesday morning (1am) brought us a pretty good storm. Heavy rain for about an hour then a little lighter rain through about 6am. It was an International Falls day. Randy’s first trip to International Falls. It’s really not super impressive, just another small town. Quick trip through Border Bob’s, they still have all the same things. Then a run over to the Dollar Tree and Kmart for a few things and back to the resort. It was a very lazy day and we played a game of Phase 10 to pass the time. Made dinner, then Dad and Randy went out fishing and mom and I went to Bingo. No luck at Bingo, Dad caught a couple fish.

Wednesday brought us fish. In the morning it looked pretty nice and not windy so we decided to pack a lunch and head out to our favorite fishing spot. It’s about a 25 min drive by boat so we usually save that spot for really nice days. The rest of the photos are from that day. We started out a little slow catching fish, but once we found the spot where we were getting bites we stayed in a small loop over it. Dad ended up catching a couple fish that he threw back I think. Randy caught a small mouth and a 15.5” walleye (pictured). Mom caught a few small walleye, 11” and a little northern (pictured, I don’t know why she held it that way, but it looks like she’s trying to break it.). I caught a little small mouth we threw back, a 15” walleye we kept, 18” walleye we had to throw back, and 19.5” walleye we had to throw back. Not pictures of those because my mom has those on her camera, will share them later. At about noon we decided it was time to head out to our next stop, Kettle Falls. That is about an hour drive by boat and you actually end up “north” of Canada. The US/Canadian border runs through the Kettle Falls dam. Pictures 7, 8, and 9 are at the dam. The other side of the water is Canada, looking “south” from Minnesota. I have to say, I think I got more bug bites in 10 minutes at Kettle Falls than I did all weekend at Truman Days.

Thursday, our final morning in the North woods. Needless to say, I was sad to leave, but so ready to get away from the bugs. Thursday morning we had fish and eggs for breakfast. The walleye Randy and I caught is what we ate, plenty for four people. It was sooooo good! Then we packed our stuff up and everything into the car. Took a short boat ride with Gizmo along this time. She’s not into boat rides, the wind, she hates the wind. Made a quick stop at Ellsworth Rock Garden. Poor dog was plastered to the ground trying to get away from the flies. I think we were there for all of 2 minutes and decided that was enough. It was a short trip, but we had fun and got to rest and relax a little.

Next stop Turman Days!

Tough Mudder

I made it! I survived…actually it was not too bad.

First I have to say the organization of this race was 10 times better than Warrior Dash the weekend before. We didn’t have to be shuttled to the race village (actually parked pretty close. close enough to be able to walk back to the truck a couple times before our wave start!), check-in was super quick, virtually no line for the bathrooms (there were plenty of port-a-potties), really the only waiting we did was standing in our wave corral.

We had to get a quick photo before the race. All smiles and still clean!

Then we were off! First obstacle: Kiss of mud.

Then on to Pole Dancer (I tried, but could not hold myself up and scoot across), Mud Mile (I thought “I’m so tired and I still have 9 miles to go!”), Warrior carry (I carried Randy half way then we switched!), Arctic Enema (wasn’t as bad as I was expecting), Glory Blades (hated), Quagmire (just a muddy pit you had to pretty much crawl through), Berlin walls (I skipped, but Randy made it over both walls by himself and messed up his neck), Devil’s beard (a big net you had to walk under), Cage crawl (had to get under a fence that was laying over valleys of water and pull yourself across to the other side. I liked this one), Walk the plank (hated, messed up my ears), Prairie dog (slide down a tube into muddy water, meh), Balls to the wall (climb over a tall wall with the assistance of a rope and or boards, was ok but the rope was slippery on the other side going down).

Hold your wood. You basically carry a log around this circle then hand it off to the people waiting to carry their wood. Randy was given this big log, I had ended up with a little one and was carrying it with one hand.

Then on to Hangin’ Tough where I fell in at the second ring. I didn’t really have a strategy for that one, but Randy made it all the way across.

Then the one of the few I was really worried about to begin with, but then realized I had nothing to worry about because if I fell I’d land in water. So I was too nervous about Funky Monkey when I got up to it.

I MADE IT ALL THE WAY ACROSS!! The monkey bars go up to a point then back down to the other side. It’s been years since of gone across monkey bars and I figured I wouldn’t have the strength to hold on all the way across. I got to the middle and and couldn’t believe it. I think that might be a smile because I realized I made it half way, the rest should be easy. Randy (the lone arm you can see) flew by me before I finished so he was waiting at the platform. I got to the end and lowered myself down on the platform and he grabbed me and hugged me. I was flooded with emotions. Joy because he was proud of me, ecstatic because I effin’ made it, pain because my hands were on fire, then I felt like I was going to vomit but I didn’t, plus I knew there were only two obstacles left. I needed a minute or two to collect myself and get my emotions back in check.

Everest was another on I was super worried about. I was scared it was going to be slippery and I was going to fall and break an arm or ankle. We arrived at Everest and Randy put his hands on my shoulders, looked me in the eyes and said I could do this, he was going to be there to grab me and pull me up. First attempt I was close but was a failed attempt. Second attempt I made it up far enough for him to reach me, then I put my other hand out for another guy to grab onto and they pulled me up. Oh My Gosh! The two obstacles I was most nervous about I made it past. Was so glad I didn’t have to do Fire in your hole, that was a long line you crazy Legionnaires.

Last obstacle, Electroshock Therapy. Neither Randy or I touched a single wire.

Hard earned beer. Post race photo.

Dirty, but still happy! We are Mudders!

Next stop, Kabetogama

Just hanging out watching some ball.

Just hanging out watching some ball.

Friday Five

1 - It’s Friday! 6.5 hours until I’m done with work and officially on vacation! Traditionally I don’t like to say “I’m on vacation!” until we have the vehicles packed and are on our way. This year I have one BIG obstacle before vacation….which brings me to #2.

2 - I can’t believe Tough Mudder is finally here. I’m nervous, but excited. I know I can skip an obstacle if I need to, but I’m going to attempt everything before I give in to my weak muscles. We have an early start time, 9:40am. I was told we didn’t have to stay with that time and go later if we wanted. normally I would say let’s just start later, but we’ll have a 4.5 hour drive up north after the Mudder and I kinda want to get on the road as soon as we can. I told Randy we couldn’t say we were on vacation until we crossed the finish line.

3 - Randy gets a half day because he bought a Sleep Number and they are setting it up today. Lucky duck, but perfect timing. He won’t get to sleep on it before he goes on vacation and has to sleep on a crappy cabin mattress, then possibly a blow up mattress when we’re down in Truman. AND it will be all ready for him when he gets home! What a great way to relax after all of the driving we’ll be doing.

4 - I’m beginning to think I bit off more than I can chew here. I don’t have 2 more things to discuss that aren’t related to going on vacation or Tough Mudder. I’m really tired of hearing any Iggy Azalea song on the radio, they play her WAY too much.

5 - Is it 4:30 yet?

If you’re going to tell me something from across the room, don’t talk like a mouse so I can barely hear you.

Thanks Candy! They arrived safely. Wine glasses from the princess marathon weekend. Wine from aunt and uncle. The bottom of the bottle says Lost Slipper Sauvignon Blanc.

Thanks Candy! They arrived safely. Wine glasses from the princess marathon weekend. Wine from aunt and uncle. The bottom of the bottle says Lost Slipper Sauvignon Blanc.

A little bit longer run

Needed to run a little longer run than I have been running lately. Went out for 5.25 miles and tried out my camelbak. I might need to work on adjusting the straps a little.

This will probably be my last run before Tough Mudder on Saturday.

Speaking of which, they finally posted a course map. I feel a lot more comfortable going in to a race/run when I have a good idea of what to expect.

Warrior dash Afton Alps 2014. Hilly = sucky. Now I look towards Tough Mudder this weekend! Then VACATION!

Kabetogama here we come!