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Friday Five

1 - It’s Friday! 6.5 hours until I’m done with work and officially on vacation! Traditionally I don’t like to say “I’m on vacation!” until we have the vehicles packed and are on our way. This year I have one BIG obstacle before vacation….which brings me to #2.

2 - I can’t believe Tough Mudder is finally here. I’m nervous, but excited. I know I can skip an obstacle if I need to, but I’m going to attempt everything before I give in to my weak muscles. We have an early start time, 9:40am. I was told we didn’t have to stay with that time and go later if we wanted. normally I would say let’s just start later, but we’ll have a 4.5 hour drive up north after the Mudder and I kinda want to get on the road as soon as we can. I told Randy we couldn’t say we were on vacation until we crossed the finish line.

3 - Randy gets a half day because he bought a Sleep Number and they are setting it up today. Lucky duck, but perfect timing. He won’t get to sleep on it before he goes on vacation and has to sleep on a crappy cabin mattress, then possibly a blow up mattress when we’re down in Truman. AND it will be all ready for him when he gets home! What a great way to relax after all of the driving we’ll be doing.

4 - I’m beginning to think I bit off more than I can chew here. I don’t have 2 more things to discuss that aren’t related to going on vacation or Tough Mudder. I’m really tired of hearing any Iggy Azalea song on the radio, they play her WAY too much.

5 - Is it 4:30 yet?

If you’re going to tell me something from across the room, don’t talk like a mouse so I can barely hear you.

Thanks Candy! They arrived safely. Wine glasses from the princess marathon weekend. Wine from aunt and uncle. The bottom of the bottle says Lost Slipper Sauvignon Blanc.

Thanks Candy! They arrived safely. Wine glasses from the princess marathon weekend. Wine from aunt and uncle. The bottom of the bottle says Lost Slipper Sauvignon Blanc.

A little bit longer run

Needed to run a little longer run than I have been running lately. Went out for 5.25 miles and tried out my camelbak. I might need to work on adjusting the straps a little.

This will probably be my last run before Tough Mudder on Saturday.

Speaking of which, they finally posted a course map. I feel a lot more comfortable going in to a race/run when I have a good idea of what to expect.

Warrior dash Afton Alps 2014. Hilly = sucky. Now I look towards Tough Mudder this weekend! Then VACATION!

Kabetogama here we come!

Going on vacation and need books

Any suggestions? I normally ready heavy fantasy fiction (Game of Thrones), but I think I might want something light, easy to read, that I can get through in a week or less.

Running hydration packs

I’m thinking about getting a running hydration pack backpack style. I have a hydration belt but don’t necessarily like wearing it around my waist. Thoughts or opinions on hydration packs?

Yesterday I was really planning on a certain course to run after I got home from work. The weather had different ideas. I decided to not go for my run since it was going to rain pretty good with some lightning. I also decided not to grill because I would have been grilling in the heavy rain as well. Instead I ordered a pizza and breadsticks. Of course, the weather passes before my pizza even gets to my house. So I had to sit and eat pizza when it looked pretty gorgeous out. I still wanted to go for my run so I reluctantly changed again and headed out for what I figured was going to be a painful run (stomach pain from eating pizza right before).

Surprisingly the run went smoothly. Except for the a-hole that didn’t want to be bothered to actually stop at the stop sign. I saw him coming and knew he had a stop sign, so why stop my forward motion and wait to make sure he stops when he’s suppose to stop. Nope, he ended up having to slam on his breaks (he was going pretty slow like he was going to stop, but just didn’t). Silly me, the trustworthy Minnesotan thinking he’ll stop for the sign. I was able to stop myself before I got into his path. He stopped. I pointed at the stop sign and shouted “STOP SIGN” He said “Yes ma’am” with a smile. I don’t know, I think he was taking it as a joke; not seriously at all. AND he had a kid in the front seat I’m assuming was his son. Great lesson to teach him dad…..

A: You don’t actually have to stop for stop signs. and

B: When someone points out your BIG mistake you can just laugh it off.


Anyway, I lived and the run went surprisingly well.

Major negative splits. Guess the pizza helped….and maybe the a-hole.

Went for a lunch run today. Did intervals.

After each interval I slowed to a walk and walked for about 0.05 miles then jogged for 2 tenths of a miles then into the interval again. That is why my pace looks a little interesting.

Then I needed a little something because my energy level was pretty low after that.

Tea wasn’t too bad, chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream helped a lot.

What a great weekend!

Thursday night I went out to Randy’s for the 4th of July weekend. It was a busy, tiring weekend! Friday we ended up going to the Sleep number store because he was thinking about getting one (he purchased it yesterday!) and we went through the whole process of finding our sleep numbers and trying out different beds. I think we were in there for at least an hour. He was pretty much sold, just needed to decide on which bed he wanted and what bells and whistles he actually needed. After the Sleep number store we headed over to a trail for a quick run because we were running out of time for our toe time (tee time) for Footgolf. This trail is used for a 5k, but the runners have to run two laps, both a little different from each other. We ran the shorter lap twice to save on time. Then we booked it home with a quick stop at Jimmy John’s on the way, showered changed and headed back out to play Footgolf. Guys, it was so fun. A friend of ours was expecting me to kick Randy’s ass, but the score was actually pretty close. I had 80, he had 84.


That picture in the upper right was when he kicked the ball way off course and it rolled down into the ditch by the highway. The hole was way off to my left. The pic on the left was at hole #6, we were waiting for the golfers (actual golf golfers) ahead of us to get further down the green and Randy didn’t want his picture taken. The bottom right is after the 18th hole.

After footgolf we went back home and grilled a pizza, then headed out for some fireworks. Turns out goingnowhereforfun and his RBN1 where just down the river from us watching the same fireworks.

Saturday Randy got up early and started loading up stuff to take to his parent’s house, lawn mower and a few other things his dad needed to borrow, swept out his garage, sprayed off his patio, then while he made breakfast I ran to the store to get stuff to make my avocado dip, he made his rhubarb dessert, I made my avocado dip, we ate breakfast then headed out to his parent’s house. We got a lot done in a couple hours. Dropped off the lawn mower and stuff and headed out to one of his food plots with the disc tiller to till it up. Really I was serving no purpose other than being the fly swatter. Then we had to head back to his place to get stuff for the lake and headed out to his friend’s family cabin and spent a good chunk of the day on the lake. Randy and I tried the jet skis but had a hard time getting the things moving with the weight of both of us. So friend Erika took one out and I took the other one out. Way easier with just one person on the jet ski. Then Randy tried drowning as I was pulling in the raft he was in that was blowing away. All-in-all, a pretty fun day in the sun.

This is pretty much how I felt by the time we got home.


Sunday was pretty low key. We went to Archery Country and I tried out shooting a bow. I tried using my brother’s bow in May but I couldn’t pull the cables back. So the one made more for me worked a lot better. I’ll need to practice more and see if I really like it before committing to getting my own bow. Randy’s parent’s came over for a late lunch, pork chops and corn on the cob. It was so hot and humid out and I was so uncomfortable. After his parents left we laid on the hammock (in the shade with a nice breeze) for a while, then it was time to go home.

It was a wonderful weekend and really makes me excited for our trip up to Kabetogama. Less than two weeks!